Top 5 Marriages in Movies

Getting married soon? How about a break from all the rush and stress and shopping? Let’s get the girlfriends and bridesmaids together for a wedding movie marathon. What will you watch? Let’s review the top 5 best ever marriages in movies. From old black and white movies to today’s modern brides, what are the top 5 best all time marriage movies?

Probably the first, and the best marriage in a movie was the original “Father of the Bride”, filmed in the 1950’s. This sweet, timeless classic featured Spencer Tracy and Joan Bennett, marrying their daughter, and was a smash hit in its day.



The number 2 best marriage movie would have to be the remake of the original Father of the Bride starting Steve Martin. This remake closely followed the lines of the 50’s smash, only made wonderfully better with the humor of Steve Martin. Again, all the tenderness and love shone through as Martin married off his daughter.



Undoubtedly the most hilarious wedding movies of modern times is Bridesmaids. Starring Kristen Wiig and Melisa McCarthy, amongst and all-star cast, this movie will make you laugh until you wheeze. How many things can go wrong on your wedding day? Let Bridesmaids count they ways, sister! Perhaps they could have used discount wedding dresses in movies; this one certainly could have used one!



You can’t miss with Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz in My Best Friend’s Wedding. This movie, about two people who make a pact stating that if they aren’t married by the age of 28, will marry each other, has some of the classic hallmarks of a relationship that has withstood the ages.



At last, the classic and hilarious My Big Fat Greek Wedding brings it all home. In this wonderful classic, we are shown that opposites do attract, and do so beautifully. This was a marriage for the ages that almost wasn’t. Trying to connect two very different folks with very different backgrounds and families was tough, but love prevailed. My Big Fat Greek Wedding will go down as an all-time wedding favorite and for good reason!

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