Dressing With Confidence, With a Suit and Tie or a Casually Chic Approach

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The way a man presents himself to the world through his clothing choices says a lot about who he is and how he sees himself. Of course, different situations call for different styles of dress, but there’s still something to be learned from the type of clothing a man naturally gravitates towards.

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The Shirt and Tie Choice

Even in this era of casual Fridays that extend through a good part of the week, there are still some men who just feel best when they’re dressed in a shirt and tie. A well-tailored suit, worn with an elegant button-down shirt and a beautiful silk tie, is a look that is incredibly elegant and also quite powerful.

It’s this feeling of presentation that draws many men to the shirt and tie look. Some men really like to dress with an image of confidence and a bit of formality. These are men who may be drawn to more formal leisure activities, like an evening of fine dining or a night at the theater. No matter what a man’s enthusiasms, however, there’s no question that the suit and tie look conveys qualities of formality and confidence in a very attractive way.

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The Casual Chic Approach

The casual chic look is a style that’s gained much more acceptance in the workplace and in social settings, as society in general has become more relaxed. What’s important for a man to remember when dressing casually, however, is that he needs to keep the feeling of “chic” firmly in place. Too much casual can veer directly into sloppy, which isn’t the kind of image most men really want to present.

Choosing casual styles, like well designed khakis, jeans, tee shirts or sweaters, can create a casual chic look that’s incredibly winning. In keeping with the feeling of chic, a man may want to choose leather sandals or loafers instead of tennis shoes when he’s going out socially. He may also want to choose shirts in more elegant fabrics, like silks or even very smooth cottons or linens, rather than raggedy tees that double as workout clothes.

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No matter what a man’s overall style preference, the important thing for him to remember is that he’s always presenting an image of himself in the way he chooses to dress, so it’s important that he chooses well.

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