A short film you must watch

Over the past 10 years, there have been numerous short films that have been released. Short films feature a huge genre, such as comedy, drama, romance and more. There’s even one about Montreal painters and Grade A Tutors. Another genre is computer-animated short films. Pixar, which is a division of Disney, has come out with numerous shorts, but one that separates itself from the others is Knick Knack.
The story of Knick Knack begins with the audience viewing a number of vacation souvenirs on a shelf. One of the souvenirs is an attractive woman from “Sunny Miami,” who sees a snowman in a snow globe from “Nome, Alaska.” The snowman would love to join the pretty woman in her destination, but the problem is that he is in a snow globe. The rest of the story features him trying to get out of his enclosure on the shelf.

The snowman begins to join the attractive woman by using his igloo to break open the globe. He strikes the side of the glass a number of times, but his efforts are in vain. In fact, the snowman tries a number of things to get out of his snow globe, but does not succeed. Eventually, he creates an explosion in his snow globe. Again, his plan does not work. However, the snowman has succeeded in tipping the globe over the shelf. As it falls, manages to escape the globe by exiting out through an emergency door, before he lands into a fish bowl. The snowman is delighted to see an attractive mermaid within the bowl and proceeds to join her. Before he does this, he smiles at the camera and straightens his bow tie. As he does this, the snow globe itself lands in the fish bowl and perfectly captures him once more to the end that he is stuck with the globe again. The story ends with the snow man giving an unhappy look at the camera. Although no words are used throughout the short, Bobby McFerrin starts to sing “blah” as the credits are being showed.

Knick Knack is a delightful movie that people of all ages will enjoy. It is only three minutes, but is a clever story that moves well. Many consider it one of the best short films that Pixar has produced.

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