How to create your own mosaic patterns at home

If you are looking for ways of making your home feel more artistic, creating mosaic patterns can be a great starting point. The good thing about this kind of art is that it is fairly simple to come up with even at the comfort of your home.

First, you’ll need to decide which material you are going to use for making the patterns. There are many materials that can be used here like pebbles, glass, or even sea shells. The kind of material you settle for doesn’t really matter. However, you should only seek a material that complements where you’ll use it for. Seashells for instance can be great around bathrooms.

Eagle Mosaic Patterns

Next, you’ll have to pick a foundation on which to adhere the mosaic tiles on. Think of this as the base material which will hold your mosaic art. This can be anything from tables or birdbaths. You ought to consider the maximum amount of weight that the base can withstand before placing the material on it. Additionally, the surface of the base material has to be cleaned before the tiles are placed.

Afterwards, you will need to develop a pattern for the mosaic. There are many places to get ideas for the patterns. You can copy the patterns from existing art or you can look for free patterns online so as to complete your design. Either way, the art doesn’t greatly rely on the rigidity of the pattern but rather how the final piece appears.

Once you have the pattern in place, it’s time to cut your material and fix the pieces along the patterns that you made earlier. These pieces can be cut using glass or any tile cutting tools available. Additionally, you should still ensure that the pieces are clean of debris before placing them along the patterns.

create your own mosaic patterns at home

To hold the pieces into place, you’ll have to mix some mortar and apply it to the foundation. The pieces will then be pushed into the mixture along the patterns. There also has to be enough space in between the pieces. After placing the pieces along the patterns and gluing them to the surface, you’ll allow for the mortar to set. This would take approximately one day if the art work is placed indoors and three days if placed outside. Once dried up, clean the mosaic tiles again to level the surface and to clear extra mortar.

Add the grout mixture that complements the color of your mosaic and fill in any spaces between the pieces. You will then wipe the surface again and optionally apply varnish for a nice finishing. You can always refer to this website to learn more about mosaic patterns

photos by: bob raven & Colorbuilding B.M. Ltd.

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