Fix and Repair Your Dishwasher by Yourself

Is your dishwasher about to break?

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For many people, their dishwasher is one of their most important appliances. It makes their life a whole lot easier and simpler when they don’t have to wash their dishes by hand. …

The World is Not Enough

The Best BMW Cars in Movies

Since back in 1971, the German high-end vehicle known worldwide as BMW has remained as an example of automotive ecstasy. When you merge the international allure associated with driving a BMW with the glorious glamour of watching a motion picture, …

Les aventures de Tintin - Le secret de la Licorne

Voyage cinématographique en famille: embarquement immédiat

Pour affronter un dimanche après-midi pluvieux ou les toujours trop longues vacances scolaires… Il est réellement précieux d’avoir en tête le top 5 des meilleurs films à voir en famille.

Si vous le voulez bien, voici le résultat de mes …

mad max car

Cars and Movie Characters – A Long Tradition

For decades, cars have been an integral part of movie characters’ identities. Due to product placement deals, many modern film characters drive name brand vehicles. The car that a character drives often influences how audiences feel about him or her.…


Top 5 Marriages in Movies

Getting married soon? How about a break from all the rush and stress and shopping? Let’s get the girlfriends and bridesmaids together for a wedding movie marathon. What will you watch? Let’s review the top 5 best ever marriages in …